Foodie Gift Guide - iYellow Wine Club

I've been a member of iYellow Wine Club for years. I've had a great time and made new friends during their wine tours and wine classes. Before the holiday rush, I got a chance to attend their newest wine experience, the iYellow Supper Club.

iyellow supper club.jpg

Located in the heart of the city, the Supper Club is an intimate. modern space.  Each Supper Club experience features wines from a different region.  My dinner experience featured  Nedeburg Wines from South Africa.  You enjoy a multicourse meal cooked by a local chef, each course complimented by a different wine.  Our amazing meal was cooked by Chef Mike Ward, who created flavourful and creative dishes right before our eyes in the open kitchen. Angela Aiello, Founder of iYellow, hosted our dinner and shared tidbits about our wine pairings throughout the meal.  The evening had a leisurely pace, laughter and conversation peppering the entire night.

There's nothing like the gift of an unforgettable experience.  You can start your wine journey the same way I did.  Enter now to win two passes to iYellow Wine School for you and your favourite foodie.

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Foodie Gift Guide - Seedlip - The World's First Non-Alcholic Spirit


Every now and again there comes along a brand that makes you drop your jaw and a start slow clap.

Seedlip is one of those brands.

Seedlip is revolutionizing the non-alcoholic, artisan mocktail movement with the world’s first copper-pot distilled ‘spirits’.

Just two years old, this brand has already won major international awards with these sugar-free, sweetener-free, zero calorie, artificial flavour-free products. They’ve really cracked it. They understood people were sick of juice-laden mocktails or resorting to drink soda all night when they were choosing not to drink. 

Coming in two divine flavours - Seedlip Spice 94 and Seedlip Garden 108 - you can treat these delicious (and deliciously grown-up) spirits like a gin by mixing with tonic, or by using your imagination to create a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails. Seedlip offers people limitless alcohol-free possibilities as you can sip these with mixers, salts & shrubs, teas and brines to create everything from a bitter to sour to spicy drink.

Seedlip Spice 94 is aromatic. This is my personal favourite as it is both familiar, like a hug, and rustically adventurous. The botanicals found in Spice Seedlip are All Spice, Cardamom, Oak, Lemon, and Grapefruit. Feeling festive? Dress your Spice and tonic with pomegranates.


Seedlip Garden 108 is herbal. I can best describe this as being extremely fresh and organic tasting. The botanicals found in Garden Seedlip are Peas, Hay, Spearmint, Rosemary, and Thyme. Woo your guests this holiday season by serving Garden and Tonic, garnished with peas.


If you live in the Greater Toronto Area you can find Seedlip at fine restaurants and bars such as Jacobs Steakhouse, Canoe, Bymark, Bar Raval, Pretty Ugly, Bar Isabel, and D.W. Alexander.  Want to add it to your bar cart for your holiday entertaining?  Pick it at Pusateri's across the GTA.

If you live outside Toronto and want it for yourself or as the ultimate stocking stuffer for your favourite foodie, head to Jacobsons  and place your order.


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Megan Munro is a lifestyle, food, beauty & travel writer.  Her passion for travel has taken her to 36 countries and she now calls Toronto home.  Follow Megan at @immfab  

Foodie Gift Guide - truLocal Meat Delivery


You can get socks, wine, cheese, make-up, dog food, toys, pre-packaged meals delivered via subscription...and now you can get a local, high-end meat delivery subscription!

truLOCAL  is a newly launched, customizable, convenient subscription meat delivery company that prides itself on working with local, Ontario-based farms.

Now - think of how amazing this is as a gift idea for your Dad, your husband, or any locavore on your list. Local best-in-quality meat: Delivered to their door.

And this holiday season, truLOCAL is offering their steak boxes which include  5 gourmet AAA New York Strip Steaks (between 14-16 oz) for only $99.

We think this idea is simple, easy, unique and will wow your friends and family.

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Megan Munro is a lifestyle, food, beauty & travel writer.  Her passion for travel has taken her to 36 countries and she now calls Toronto home.  Follow Megan at @immfab  

Foodie Gift Guide - Windswept Orchard Cider

Grey County is Ontario's Apple Country. The geographic combination of the Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment create perfect conditions for growing, juicy, crisp and flavourful apples.

This region has the largest concentrated area of apple growers so it's no surprise that some of the best apple cider comes from there.


Cider has evolved from a sweet and fizzy drink.  Today's ciders are complex, hoppy, and dry.  I like Windswept Cider because it's local, organic, and not mass produced. You can absolutely taste the difference.

Windswept is produced in small batches once a year.  Each batch reflects that year's harvest.  Like wine, it comes in single varietals - like Northern Spy and Golden Russett - and  harvest blends.


Windswept is doing their part for the ecosystem and the environment.  Did you know that there used to be several hundred varieties of apples?    That number has dwindled to just over a dozen.  The growers at Windswept are planting wild seedling trees that are descendants of these forgotten varieties. This planting preserves the region's biodiversity while saving abandonned orchards. 

Keep some on hand for your home bar - I'm going to be adding it to my champagne and sparkling wine selection.  It's also a great stocking stuffer for your favourite foodie.  Get your bottles here.

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Foodie Gift Guide - The Best Cookbooks

There's something about a good cookbook. Even though you can find virtually any recipe online, a good cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. It's a good read that you will pull off your shelf over and over again. We've picked a few great cookbooks that your favourite foodie would love, along with some great culinary reads too. Best of all you can enter to win one of our favourites for yourself or your favourite foodie!


The New Farm - Brent Preston
Brent Preston and his wife Gillian Flies have spent ten years on the ‘front lines of the good food revolution’. This book chronicles their move to the country and transition to becoming two of the leading organic farmers in Ontario.

Funny, inspiring, and honest, we love this book and these amazing farmers because they are passionate advocates for equitable, wholesome food that not only feeds their community, but helps to create community. A great read for those dreamers on your list.

Izzy’s Eating Plan - Izzy Camilleri
Canadian fashion designer Izzy Camilleri released her ‘Izzy’s Eating Plan’, an advice-driven, practical guide to making sustainable lifestyle changes that help make you feel beautiful on the inside and out, one healthy, balanced meal at a time. This friendly, easy-to-read guide is great for those on your list who want to look at food differently and are inspired to use it as a piece of the overall healthy lifestyle puzzle. 

Come To Our Table - South Georgian Bay Community Cookbook
This curated collection of recipes, art and stories is a labour of love.  Chefs, producers, growers and artists from Simcoe and Grey County got together to showcase the unique food culture in their region. The recipes are easy to follow and rely on local produce.  There are also profiles of local growers, producers, wineries, breweries and cideries.

One of the many reasons we love this cookbook is because it’s a gift that gives back.  10% from each book sold is set aside in a fund to support local food security initiatives and programs. 

The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement - Nick Saul & Andrea Curtis
In just over a decade, The Stop has gone from a typical urban food bank to a vibrant Community Food Centre with gardens, kitchens, a greenhouse, farmers’ markets and a mission to revolutionize our food system. In this book, Executive Director Nick Saul, takes you on that journey and shares The Stop’s vision for to build Community Food Centres across Canada that will bring people together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food.

This book has been praised by everyone from Jamie Oliver to Michael Pollan and is a must read for the foodie who cares about eliminating hunger in their community.

Afro-Vegan - Bryant Terry
Bryant Terry is the Chef-in-Residence at the Museum of the African Diaspora, author of the cookbook Afro-Vegan, and a visionary.  His mission to fuse the ingredients of the African diaspora with vegan cooking principles may seem trendy given the plant based frenzy of 2017.  However Bryant has been at this for years, with Afro-Vegan first hitting shelves in 2014.  Bryant doesn’t just serve up amazing food he’s at the forefront of an international conversation about food justice and food access.  Bryant is an advocate for African- Americans and other communities of colour who have been left behind in the Good Food Revolution.  He has led the charge in taking ownership of the food supply in underserved communities by encouraging the opening of co-ops, urban farms, and community gardens.  

This book is less of a call to abandon all meat than it is an invitation to eat more plants, making it the perfect gift for the omnivore foodie on your list.

The Edgy Veg: Carnivore Approved Vegan Recipes - Candice Hutchings
This Youtube star just launched her vegan comfort food cookbook, Edgy Veg, a ‘carnivore approved vegan cookbook’. Not your standard vegan cookbook, this one is packed with recipes like a vegan Big Mac and smoked salmon bagels. The perfect read for the vegan - or aspiring vegan - on your list.

We love supporting Canadian authors and chefs, so we have partnered with Candice and are pleased to be giving one lucky reader a brand new copy! Enter below!

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