It's #ZomatoToronto week on Chew Street!

Since starting Chew Street a I've had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely people that love this city and love food.  A few months ago, I was contacted by someone who said they liked my website and wanted to meet with me about a food company launching in Canada.  We met over coffee and what was supposed to be a brief meeting turned into a long, thoroughly enjoyable conversation about the role food and dining plays in community building and our shared love of food and travel.

It was at that meeting that I first learned about Zomato.  Zomato is a restaurant discovery service that started in India and  is now a global food community.  The site and app combine the best elements of social media.  You can follow food lovers, read their reviews and ratings of their favourite places to eat, and get a steady stream of gorgeous food photography.  You can discover restaurants around the world, or local goodies based on your location.

In celebration of Zomato's launch in Toronto, I'm going to be sharing a new review on Zomato every day this week! Take a minute to download the app, explore the site and follow me on Zomato for reviews, pictures, and ratings of the best this city has to offer!


view my food journey on zomato!