Will Travel for Food - Peru (part 1)

Those who know and love me know I am a travel junkie.  Most of my spare time (and money) is devoted to seeing as much of the world as I can.  One of the reasons I love to travel is the opportunity to learn about regional food and wine.  I like renting condos when I travel so I can cook (thank you airbnb!).  Most of my trips involve trips to local markets, cooking lessons, and lots of new restaurants.  

Peru had been on my travel wishlist for a while so when I scored a flight sale from YYZ deals for a trip in February, I jumped on the opportunity to escape the cold weather.  Peru was named the World's Leading Culinary Travel Destination in 2012 and 2013 by the World Travel Awards. Naturally I was eager to find out how the influence of the Incas, Spanish, Chinese (yeah, that one surprised me too!), and African cultures affected their food.

Lovely Lima. The coast, set high above the Pacific.  Photography by Chew Street.

Lovely Lima. The coast, set high above the Pacific.  Photography by Chew Street.

My first stop was Lima, the capital and largest city in Peru set on a cliff high above the Pacific. Tops on my list was Skykitchen.  Skykitchen is run by Peruvian Chef Yurac and his partner Christian.  They offer one of the most unique cooking classes I have ever experienced.  Christian met us at the local market and educated our small group on produce, meat and seafood that were local to Peru.  We then headed to an amazing rooftop terrace, open air kitchen for cooking lessons with Chef Yurac.  It was a long relaxing day that involved hands on cooking lessons for 3 traditional Peruvian dishes, with breaks in between each course to sit down and enjoy our food with some local beer.

Want to learn more about food from Peru?  Join me tonight at Andean Flavours 2014!  Held at the King Edward Hotel, this show is an opportunity to find and taste healthy ingredients and products native to Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia.  Tickets are available here.  Your $35 ticket will give you a taste of 5 regional recipes, Chilean wines, and live cooking demonstrations.  

See you tonight!