Tequila Roundup

Photography by Chew Street.

Photography by Chew Street.

Unless you had a really good Cinco de Mayo, you probably have some leftover tequila in your home bar. I love tequila but prefer to use it in cocktails, not shots. And after Cinco de Mayo I'm all margarita'd out! To kick off the weekend, I'd like to share some yummy tequila based cocktails. Enjoy!

G&T (Ginger and Tequila)

This drink is refreshing with a little but of a sweet kick from the ginger syrup!



2 ounces tequila

cold tonic water

1 teaspoon of Ginger Syrup

1 thin slice of lime

Fill a highball glass with ice.  Add tequila and Ginger Syrup and stir.  Fill glass with tonic water and add lime slice.



This recipe, from World's Best Cocktails, is definitely the most complex of the three but also very unique. A great choice if your having guests over and want to serve something delicious and unique!


1 3/4 fl oz tequila

2 tsp orange Curaçao

4 tsp unsalted yuzu juice

2 tsp maraschino liqueur

1/4 tsp brewed Japanese matcha tea

ice cubes

black salt & lemon slices

Shake all the ingredients with ice and serve straight up in a teacup with lemon slices sprinkled with black salt.


Bloody Maria

Finish off your bottle of tequila at Sunday brunch with this Mexican inspired Bloody Mary.  I really love the salts from Just A Pinch! They are so flavourful and they are a Canadian company! You can find them at Metro and Sobeys.


1 ounce tequila


1/2 cup tomato juice

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

1 wedge of lime

Tabasco, to taste

Rim : Just a Pinch Green Chili Salt

Garnish: 1 poached or broiled shrimp and 1 lime wedge

In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients with 1 1/2 cups ice cubes and shake well. Pour mixture into a Collins glass. Rim with a lime wedge and dip into Just a Pinch Green Chili Salt  to coat.  Garnish with shrimp and lime wedge.