CraveTO #locallove

My foodie partner in crime Lulu and I were invited to the last edition of CraveTO at Wychwood Barns.  The event was so much fun.  Everything you want in a food fair - variety, reasonable prices, manageable lineup, great music, and perfect weather.

I’ve been a fan of Dillon’s for a long time so when I saw them there I made sure they were my first stop.  They were making a great summertime lemonade with a kick of their white rye.  It was delicious and the perfect thing to sip and as we did a tour of the festival.

I can never get enough of oysters so I was glad to see Oyster Boy there serving up some freshly shucked goodness.

Tocino Boys was another favourite.  I love what these these guys are doing.  Tocino (To-SEE-no) is a sweetened cured pork dish that is usually served for breakfast in the Philippines. The boys were serving tocino, and sweet chorizo hot off the grill. 

They have a pop up space inside the Midpoint Bar at 1180 Queen West Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday from 6pm till late.  You should take a peek at their Facebook page because they pop up at different food festivals and markets in the city or head down to the Midpoint for some yummy Filipino fusion comfort food.

We ended off the night with a visit to Sweet Sammie’s ice cream cart.  I didn't know a lot about Sanober before the event but when I found out she left an office job to follow her ice cream passion, training at George Brown followed by stints at Pain Perdu and the Trump Hotel - I was impressed by her dedication and love for what she does.  Sammie’s offers ice cream sandwiches, pints, ice pops, custom ice cream cakes, and other frozen treats made in small batches with local ingredients.

Sammie’s can be found at events all over the city, check out her site to see where to find her next.  

I had a wonderful time at CraveTO, I can’t wait to check out the next one this Thursday June 26th!  They have another great venue - Honest Ed’s Alley in Mirvish Village - and a great line up of independent food and drink vendors.  Get tickets and event details here - and say hi if you see me on Thursday!