I'll have what Susur Lee, Rob Gentile and David Chang are having!

The restaurant scene in this city is very dynamic.  I love the experience of diving into a new menu so I try to keep my ear to the ground and am always looking for, or giving, a recommendation on somewhere new to go for lunch, brunch or dinner.  

I downloaded Chef’s Feed a couple weeks ago and I have been loving it.  It takes almost all the decision making out of where to eat and what to order.  

This app has a directory of top chef’s favourite restaurants and dishes around the city. So if you can’t figure out where to eat, you can hop on your phone and find out where Susur Lee likes to eat when he’s not in the kitchen at Bent, Lee, or Luckee.  (hint: you might bump into him at La Carnita)  If you find yourself overwhelmed by all the delicious options at Buca, you can hop on and see what dishes your favourite Chef’s have enjoyed there - chef Lorenzo Loseto, chef David Lee, chef Susur Lee, chef Corbin Tomaszeski all love the Salami di Buca

I blame my borderline unhealthy obsession with food and my willingness to hop on a plane for a good meal on the fact that I have spent waaay too much time browsing the 23 other cities on the app - checking out who likes what and making bucket lists of dishes to try. 

It’s not just about the food, the people behind Chef’s Feed share my sense of humour :-)  They have a YouTube video series that made me chuckle.  Notable chef’s read their bad reviews - a a foodie riff on Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities reading mean tweets - lol.  Check out Toronto's own Chef Matty Matheson of Parts & Labour, The P&L Burger, Dog & Bear, and P&L Catering in Toronto respond to accusations that his food is small and his burgers are NOT the best in Toronto.

You can download Chef’s feed for iPhone and Android.