My iYellow Birthday

I really like iYellow Wine Club - they’ve been profiled on this blog before and I’ve been to iYellow events in the city and have always had a great time.  In addition to their roster of city events, Angela and her iYellow team like to get out of town and have fun in wine country. I had never been on one of their wine tours before, so when I found out that they had a tour scheduled on my birthday as part of their Summer Escapes series, I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day.

The iYellow bus picked us up in the morning at a central location downtown, right near a subway stop (and a Starbucks!).  Each person got an iYellow swag bag with treats, snacks and water to keep us hydrated and ready for a day of sipping.   Getting out of the city was insane - the traffic was crazier than anyone could have predicted.  Even though the traffic put us behind schedule, Angela and her team kept things running smoothly and adjusted the tour times so we didn't miss anything at our stops.  We played games on the bus and got a surprise treat of chocolate whisky cupcakes with Grand Marinier icing.  I would have stayed on that bus all damn day if they kept giving me those cupcakes :-)  As someone who plans events, I was impressed by the way they dealt with that small hiccup and kept it moving.

Our first stop was a surprise addition to the day's events, the 40 Creek Whiskey Distillery. John Hall, the whisky maker behind 40 Creek, found success in making wine before turning to whisky.  We learned the winemaking methods he brought to the distilling process that make 40 Creek such a delicious and award winning whisky.  


We then went on to visit three wineries - Angel’s Gate, Rosewood Estates and Small Talk Vineyards.  The weather was perfect, the views were beautiful and all three hosts were passionate about their wines and shared their knowledge of wine making and wine tasting in an easy to understand, relateable way.  

One of my favourites from the tour was Angel’s Gate Handsome Brut sparkling wine.  Angela explained that Ontario’s wine region is on the same latitude as some of France’s wine growing regions so we have the geography and summer climate to produce great grapes.

Chatting with Angela, I learned she was raised in Niagara and has been working in the wine industry for over a decade.  Angela and her team are warm and upbeat and can get anyone excited about wine!  There was so much packed into the day, a delicious catered lunch, a cocktail lesson, honey tasting, prizes and giveaways.  There's another iYellow Wine Escape coming up August 16th, and they are having a Summer Wine Jam this Thursday.  Get your tickets here.

Check out the rest of the pics of my day set to the birthday song for the modern woman - Grown Woman by Beyonce :-) #iYellowBirthday