Summer Detox! Retox!

Between celebrating my birthday, starting Chew Street, and generally going crazy over the end of winter, I have been overindulging in good food and wine the past few weeks.  Thankfully, my friend and holistic nutritionist Andrea Sarjeant has come to my rescue with a summer cleanse.

I had always found the idea of “doing a cleanse” a little intimidating - I associated the process with starvation and drinking strange concoctions of cayenne pepper and lemon. (gross)  Last year, I read about Andrea’s style of cleansing on Coco & Cowe - I was surprised at how good the food looked.  It looked like the kind of food I’d be happy to eat - cleanse or no cleanse.  I tried her out and spent two weeks eating yummy curried vegetable soups, tender chicken marinated in coconut oil and mango breakfast smoothies. I loved the social aspect of the group cleanse, met some really lovely people, and now consider Andrea a food superstar and friend.  

My "champagne breakfast" smoothie from my last cleanse with Andrea!

My "champagne breakfast" smoothie from my last cleanse with Andrea!

A cleanse with Andrea during the colder months is always a treat but I never thought she would offer one during the summer.  Like most everyone, my summer schedule is filled with cocktail focused events and Andrea’s cleanses are alcohol-free..until now :-)

Andrea has come up with “gentle cleanse” that allows you to stay healthy and still indulge in some summertime treats and cocktails.  The guide and instructions will all be online so you can do it from anywhere (cottage!).  You also get a complimentary Pilates and daily e-encouragement from Andrea.  

The cleanse is short and sweet - July 25 to 31 and costs $50.  Registration details are here  - sign up and share your Summer Detox! Retox! stories with me :-)