Flu Fighting Energizing Roast Chicken - An ‘Unrecipe’

I love to cook.  I love to eat.  But I don’t like cooking when I want to eat.  When I come home from work and I'm starving (or worse, hangry) I don’t want to whip out a recipe book and get creative, I just want good food on a plate. Out of necessity, I've become pretty good at putting together dishes that are tasty, easy to make and taste like you've slaved away for hours in the kitchen.  

While this site will still have traditional recipes, my ‘unrecipes’ don’t take too much thought and taste great.  Enjoy!

I love this chicken for several reasons:

I can play around with the spice combinations and easily switch up the flavours whenever I want

  1. My friend and food guru Andrea taught me that coconut oil is great for your immune system and gives you an energy boost (check out Andrea’s blog to learn all about the wonders of coconut oil)

  2. I'm set up for lunch (and a couple dinners) for the week

  3. It tastes awesome :-)


What you’ll need

  • 1 whole chicken - I really like Blue Goose meat products.  Their chicken has no antibiotics or pesticides.  

  • Coconut oil - you can find coconut everywhere now - any grocery store will have it. Check the organic section.  Trust me when I tell you, your chicken will not taste like coconut.

  • shallots/onion, garlic, lemon  - I use these three ingredients to stuff the chicken.  While these add flavour, if you are missing all or one of these ingredients the chicken will still turn out great. No need to run out and get them if you don’t have them on hand, you’re hungry remember? :-)

  • Spices - I used turmeric and paprika in the photos below but you can try any combination you like and make it your own.  My go to spices are curry powder, turmeric, paprika, and cumin.  Even easier try a premixed spiced blend like garam masala or berbere.  I love this article on spice blends from around the world.  Get adventurous!  You can find virtually any spice blend at The Spice Trader

  • salt

I ran out of lemons :-)

I ran out of lemons :-)

Mix equal parts spice and coconut oil into a paste.  Add salt to taste.  Coat the chicken. No tools required other than your hands.

Put the chicken in the oven.  I use a roasting pan and leave my chicken uncovered.  I don't know what it is about coconut oil but the chicken doesn't dry out and the skin gets super crispy :-)  Enjoy how awesome your house smells while this bird is roasting.  Your cooking time will depend on how big your chicken is and the type of stove you have (conventional, convection, gas).  Use this chart to make sure yours comes out at the right time.


Eat.  Preferably with a glass of wine.