To The Last Drop - Fresh Tap in Ontario

Some of us are oenophiles who scruntinize the winelist before even making a reservation at a restaurant.  Some of us just want to go out eat, point at the winelist and trust that we will be sipping on something heavenly without any complications.  There's one thing that unites us all.  We all want a great glass of wine when we go out to eat.

I hung out with the crew from iYellow Wine Club recently for a very unique wine experience.  We were introduced to Fresh Tap, a company that does what it's name implies - bring fresh wine directly from our wineries to our restaurants, eliminating spoiled & oxidized wine.  I was excited about it because, aside from wanting one of the nifty custom kegs installed in my living room, it's an idea that makes complete sense.  There's nothing better than uncorking a great bottle of wine at dinner, but like most of us, I don't want to do that every time I go out to dinner and order wine by the glass.  The Fresh Tap system doesn't simply substitute beer for wine in kegs - the kegs are made to store wine directly from the winery barrel and serve glasses without any exposure to air or other elements that affect the taste of the wine.  The result is a pour that is always as fresh as a first pour, the way the winemaker intended, for each of the glasses served from Fresh Tap's 130 glass capacity keg.

I remember when I thought I couldn't get a decent bottle of wine that had a screw cap, as opposed to a cork.  My thinking about Fresh Tap and drinking by the glass is along the same lines.  Like the move away from cork, Fresh Tap impacts taste and the planet.  Serving wine from barrel to glass eliminates the need for bottles.  Bottles are recyclable of course, but the labels, corks, and boxes needed to ship cases of wine are all taken out of the carbon footprint equation with Fresh Tap.  I like a good glass of wine and I don't bat an eye at an expensive glass of wine with dinner (or, ahem, lunch) but I like knowing that I'm getting the same quality of wine as the first person who ordered a glass.  


Wine savants, want to read up on all of the details of Fresh Tap's barrel to glass process?  Click here.  The list of restaurants that use Fresh Tap include some of my favourites that have stellar wine lists.  The McEwan Group (North 44, Bymark, Fabricca) was the first to sign up to use Fresh Tap in their restaurants.  Ready to start drinking at restaurants that use Fresh Tap to serve the freshest wine by the glass?  Click here and start planning your next night out.