Chew Street Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is in full swing! There aren't many shopping days left to find the perfect gift for the foodie on your list. To help you with the last minute rush, I put together a list of some notable gifts you and your foodie will love.

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”  Mother Teresa.

 Present Day

Isn’t that the truth? I love giving gifts and only want the best things for my loved ones.Toronto based gifting service Present Day is taking the guesswork out of giving the perfect gift box to that someone special with careful product curation. Beautifully packaged, each box is comprised of carefully selected, often small-batch goods from an array of makers from in and around our the city, province and country.  Price range: $85 - $475

Cast Iron Pan

lodge cast iron.png

Giving someone a cast iron pan is like giving someone a diamond ring. Let me explain - you’ll give one once and it’s meant to last forever!  If taken care of properly, it'll really will last you a lifetime; case in point, I have cast iron pans in my family that are as old as my grandparents. It’s also one of the best multipurpose kitchen tools you can own and unlike other nonstick cookware, cast iron pans are non-toxic. From searing a steak, baking a pie in it, throwing it on the BBQ, or quickly whipping up some bacon and eggs, this pan can cook it all. If only the best of the best will do, I would recommend buying  Lodge - rated 31 by Cook's Illustrated based on it's excellent price point and slick pre-seasoned interior.  You can pick up a Lodge cast iron pan from The Bay or Kitchen Stuff Plus. or other restaurant supply stores.  Price range: $60 - $120


Blunt Roll Apron

“All Sinners Are Saints Once They Have Donned The Apron” is one of Blunt Roll’s Proverbs. Every at-home chef needs the right equipment and these stylish aprons are chef-must! Hand-crafted right here in Canada, the aprons get their unique look from a combination of 100% cotton denim and genuine leather material stitched together in an assortment of patterns to fit the needs of the chef. Best of all these aprons double as a knife roll if your chef is on the go. Because they are all handmade, the aprons can take 3-6 weeks to make, so if you do plan on giving one this holiday, your loved one will have something wonderful to look forward to.  Price range: $130 - $375


The Peace Collective

World Peace. Isn't that our wish every holiday season? It seems like we are in need of it now more ever. While no single wish or gift can bring it about, you can find solace in giving your loved ones a sweatshirt or t-shirt from the Peace Collective. Started right here in Toronto, this clothing goods company has created a line of stylish streetwear that showcases Toronto and Canada pride. You may have spotted someone around the city rocking one of their distinct designs, but the Peace Collective was shot into the spotlight earlier this year when Jose Bautista donned one of their more popular “Toronto Vs Everybody” sweatshirts after an epic home-game win during the Blue Jays playoffs. A photo of him and fellow teammates spread like wildfire online and soon after everyone just had to get their hands on a Peace Collective item.

Here’s why I love the Peace Collective (and you will too); for every garment sold, proceeds go towards providing a hungry Canadian child with healthy meals and snacks through its partnership with Breakfast For Learning programs across Canada. Win-win!

T-Shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, hats and jackets range from $29.99- $129.99 and can be purchased online or at independent boutique clothing outlets across the city.

Some people think giving a gift certificate is impersonal. The Foodie on your list will love this gift certificates for two reasons; one, they can treat themselves to a selection of fine meat, cheese and produce, or they can be used to take one of The Healthy Butcher’s highly regarded classes!


- Ruth

Ruth Buder is in love with food, people & Toronto. You can follow her shenanigans on Twitter & Instagram at @ruthlesspr