Dress Up Your Champagne

December is champagne season! There's no better way to start a party during the holidays than greeting your guests with a glass of bubbly.  I love entertaining - planning the meu, decorating the table, and picking out a killer tracklist.  Before you get your next party started, don't forget to make sure your champagne is as dressed up as you are.  

One of my go to bottles is Taittinger Brut Reserve .  Taittinger is made from Chardonnay grapes, with a blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.  It's a balanced bubbly with notes of fruit and honey.  That balance means you can get creative with your menu because this bubbly can pair well with a variety of flavours.  You can serve it alongside seafood, like this Mustard Glazed Black Cod; spicy food, like this Pad Thai Popcorn; and desserts, like this Goat Cheese & Cherry Ice Cream.

So now that your menu is ready, your house is in order and you look pretty fabulous, get your champagne party ready in a few steps.

  1. A few pomegranate seeds float colourfully and festively among the bubbles.  
  2. Razor thin strips of lemon peel add a coordinating pop of colour and the natural oils in the peel compliment the taste of the champagne.
  3. A sugared twig of rosemary looks like freshly fallen snow on a pine tree.
  4. One of my favourite party tricks?  Skewer fresh cranberries and pop them in the freezer before guests arrive.  The frozen garnish not only looks gorgeous but will keep your guests' champagne at the perfect temperature of 7 degrees till the very last sip.