Cheers to the Weekend!

It’s been a long week.  Let’s raise a glass.

Thanks to my friends at the iYellow Wine Club, I recently had the pleasure of meeting the makers of Fiol, a delicious Prosecco made in the heart of Treviso.  Fiol was founded by 5 friends, who decided to turn their friendship and love of this bubbly drink into their own winery.

Loosely translated as ‘cool boy’ in the local Treviso dialect, 'fiol' is also a term of affection for a friend.   I met two of the Fiol crew of 5, Gaia Passi and Giacomo Ciani Bassetti, who explained their dedication to making the best quality prosecco possible.  

Fiol is made with 100% Glera grapes, the grape that must be used in order to make prosecco.  Some brands of Prosecco will use a blend of glera and other grapes but using just the one varietal is what led to Fiols’s balanced taste - neither too dry or too sweet.  The result is a delicious bubbly set at a price point that ensures you can celebrate every occasion - from the end of the work week to Valentine’s Day. The gorgeous packaging is a bonus - Fiol was named ‘Coolest Wine Label’ by Forbes in 2014.  

Fiol is delicious on it’s own but it’s balanced taste makes it the perfect base for a sparkling cocktail.  Substitute Fiol for champagne in your favourite cocktail recipes - your wallet and your tastebuds will thank you!  Fiol is available at the LCBO.  Pick up two bottles of Fiol tonight - pop one to celebrate the end of a long, cold week and save the other for some yummy cocktails with the ones you love tomorrow.

Imagine yourself on a beach while sipping on a Prosecco Mojito 

Fresh ginger is so good for you. This Ginger Prosecco cocktail  is practically a health tonic ;-) 

Toast all things Canadian with an Icewine Prosecco sparkler