Hot & Fun with Tabasco Canada! #feedyouroriginal

Last week, I took a virtual trip down to the bayou with Tabasco Canada.  Tabasco Canada, iYellowWine Club and the Group of 7 Chefs  came together to create a stellar event that highlighted the slow, handmade process of making Tabasco, and all the creative ways you can use it in the kitchen.

The event was inspired by a trip the Group of Seven Chefs took to Avery Island, Louisiana to see the 157 year old process of making Tabasco up close and personal.  They were witness to the hand picking of peppers and the 3 year barrel aging process that each batch undergoes before it gets the spicy taste we are all so familiar with.  

The chefs came back inspired and ready to show off Tabasco in their own original recipes at the Tabasco event.  It was a feast for the senses with the following treats on offer: 

  • a Caesar-inspired ceviche with Tabasco tomato sauce from Chef Steve Gonzalez of Valdez
  • a pulled chicken po' boy on a croissant with Tabasco Chipotle sauce from Chef Bert Alepee of the Tempered Room
  • olive oil corn cake, corn sorbet and salted Tabasco caramel corn from Chef Dusty Gallagher of Peoples Eatery
  • a wild boar cooked encrusted in salt from Avery Island, the home of Tabasco, served on a biscuit by Chef Chris Brown of Citizen Catering
  • a seafood, tomato and Tabasco daishi from Chef Nick Liu of Dai Lo
  • boudin balls with Tabasco sauce and collard greens from Chef Scott Vivian of Beast

Chef Anthony Walsh of Canoe, had the best dish of the night in my opinion.  He created a crab and duck gumbo, using the wood chips from the Tabasco barrels to stuff and smoke the duck, with salted Tabasco sauce corn bits.

Tabasco Canada wants to know how you #feedyouroriginal - how you use Tabasco in your kitchen!  Share with the hashtag #feedyouroriginal and you could win your own Tabasco Avery Island experience!  Check out some more photos from the event, including the infamous pepper mash tasting to get you inspired for your trip!  Check out the contest here, get your Tabasco sauce ready and good luck!