Potbrood (bread), Wine and Cheese - Simple South African pleasures

You know darling there is one respect in which I dwarf all my contemporaries or at least about which I can confidently claim to be second to none – healthy appetite.
— Nelson Mandela

South Africa's culinary history is as rich and complex as it's political one.  During apartheid, it was illegal for black South Africans to drink wine.  At anti-apartheid gatherings wine was served in small, shot-sized glasses to protect black South Africans being caught in the act of drinking if there was a police raid. South Africa is now a world leader in the wine industry, producing award winning wines at a range of price points.  I tasted a selection of South African wines with my friends from my wine club  and I was inspired to make this South African dish to pair with one of my favourites.

Some of the region's best food is it's most simple and easy to prepare.  Potbrood, a traditional bread, is prepared in an outdoor coal pit.  However, if you're not camping you can still enjoy this dish at home.  My version, made with cumin seeds, pairs well with the Cab Sauv - Syrah  blend from Cape Bay Winery.  This South African wine is a full bodied red, with an 89+ rating. Enjoy it with my potbrood recipe right out of the oven, apricots and your favourite smoked gouda.