The Hunt - Toronto's Best Easter Eggs

These locally made Easter treats are a step above the sugary cream filled concoctions typically offered this time of year.  Hand made and hand painted, these beauties are almost to beautiful to eat.  Almost.

Credit: Brandon Olsen  @King_of_Ginger

Credit: Brandon Olsen @King_of_Ginger

Chocolates by Brandon Olsen - A look at Brandon's instagram feed is akin to a walk through a modern art gallery. His chocolates and confections are vibrant spheres of colour.  Chef Olsen has his own own Willy Wonka inspired chocolate and confectionary shop, CXBO (Chocolates by Brandon Olsen).  His Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg is made with handmade chocolate truffles, aerated chocolate, cocoa nibs, maldon sea salt , and pink peppercorns and is available for pre-order and pickup in-store -

Credit: David Chow  @davidhchow

Credit: David Chow @davidhchow

David H. Chow - An engineer turned pastry chef and chocolatier, Chow's creations are delicious feats of architecture.  His Sunny Side Up Chocolate Egg is made with dark Varlhona chocolate. David's creations can be found at  Pusateri's Food Hall at Sak's and Schefflers Deli in St. Lawrence Market.

Credit: Soma Chocolatemaker

Credit: Soma Chocolatemaker

Soma - The Easter creation from Soma continues the architectural theme with a lacy, hand piped egg nestled on a nest of gianduja (hazelnut chocolate).  These eggs are beautiful and there is more than meets the eye.  Each egg contains a jar of hazelnut chocolate spread.  It may look too good to eat but you'll have to bite into it to get to the jar of goodness inside.  This egg  is too delicate to be shipped.  Pick some up at either one of Soma's two retail locations.  Available in milk and dark chocolate.

Meet Eggbert.   Credit: Laura Slack Chocolates

Meet Eggbert.  Credit: Laura Slack Chocolates

Laura Slack - A former pastry chef at Toronto's Nota Bene, Laura is perhaps best known by chocolate lovers for her handpainted dulce de leche filled chocolate skulls.  (Yes. You read that right.)  When it comes to chocolate,  it's can be hard to justify a less is more approach and Laura doesn't disappoint with her centrepiece sized chocolate creation.  Eggbert, at almost 400 ounces, is literally and figuratively bursting with chocolate and would look great on your table at Easter Sunday dinner.  Dessert will be a communal event as Eggbert is big enough to share.  You find Eggbert and more chocolate creations from Laura and other local chocolatiers at Maisonette, Chef Slack's shop in the Distillery District.  Laura's Easter treats are also available at McEwan.