Easy Side Dish - Mediterranean Mashed Cauliflower

This has become a go-to side for me during the week.  It's tasty, and is so easy to pull together you don't need a recipe.

  • Chop the head of one cauliflower into florets
  • Steam florets until soft
  • Drain
  • Add 200 grams soft goat cheese
  • Mix with a hand blender until smooth (or to put it simply, until they look like mashed potatoes)
  • fold in chopped kalamata olives and chives to taste
  • Between the saltiness of the olives and the cheese, you shouldn't need to add salt but give it a taste before serving and add a dash of Kosher Salt if needed

And that's it! Cauliflower + Goat Cheese + Olives + Chives = Easy Weeknight Side Dish