The Only Hometown Gin You Need for Canada Day

Gin drinkers are my kind of people.  The spirit has a history of being enjoyed by explorers, creatives and adventurers. Canadians' love affair with gin started even before the birth of our country, when European settlers brought it over to toast their new home.

Your Canada Day meal isn't complete without something good to wash it down with.  My friend Megan Munro of and I wanted to share what the local gin we will be sipping on beneath the fireworks this Friday!  

Megan is talented and creative and calls Toronto home after having lived in Calgary, California, London and Amsterdam.  Her passion for travel has taken her to 36 countries and she has great taste in style and food! Between her cutting edge tastes and my love of the creative classics, you should be able to pick a drink that will be a hit at your July 1st celebration!  Our true North.  Strong. Free.  And delicious :-) 

Megan's Pick - Georgian Bay - Gin Smash

Created by the Georgian Bay Spirit Co., Gin Smash is a pre-mixed gin cocktail-in-a-can making you wish it was patio season 24/7, 365.

This incredibly refreshing, not too sweet cocktail uses Georgian Bay Gin with a blend of lemon, lime, and tangerine juice and a touch of fresh mint mixed in for good measure. 

I love the slightly bubbly feel and how, when poured over ice and served in a rocks glass, this cocktail is sophisticated...and dare I say chic?

Currently found at the LCBO for under $3, this Canadian-made product is proudly crafted in Georgian Bay, using water sourced from Springwater Township, Ontario. 
Oh Canada, we stand on guard for gin.


Charlene's Pick - Beamsville  - Dillon's Rose Gin
Dillon's Small Batch Distillers is one of my favourite things about Beamsville.  The grains, herbs and fruit used in crafting their spirits are all locally grown.  My cousin brought their Rose Gin home at Christmas for us to try and since then, I've been hooked and couldn't wait until the summer to sip this lovely drink out in the sunshine.  This gin is infused with rose hips and rose petals. Does it taste like you're drinking a Valentine's boquet?  Hardly.  It's a smooth and sweet sipping botanical drink that you'll never want to put down.   It would be great in a cocktail but I love the taste so much I only drink in on ice.  If you're grilling white fish or seafood this weekend this is the gin you want to be drinking.

You can find Dillon's Rose Gin at the LCBO for $24.90. Simple. Classic.  Supremely Canadian.

Cheers and Happy Canada Day everyone!