Great Grilling: This 3 Ingredient Marinade is the Secret to Amazing Veggies

I remember my last trip to Italy.  I went to vist my cousins, who were living in Switzerland at the time, and we decided to drive through the Alps and explore the country.  It was Easter season and everywhere we went - Greve, Florence, Venice, Milan, and Bologna - everyone was focused on the holiday meal.  The local shops and markets were filled with people stocking up on meats, cheeses, and chocolates. My time there was the inspiration behind this super easy marinade recipe. 

White Balsamic Vinegar - Food Facts

  • Both dark and white balsamic vinegar are made from white grapes
  • White balsamic vinegar has a sweet flavour, and is milder than dark balsamic vinegar - primarily because it has a shorter aging process and lower cooking temperature
  • Authentic balsamic vinegar, is only produced in Modena and Reggio Emilia, and is aged between 12 to 25 years
  • White balsamic vinegar is perfect when you want to add flavour to sauces and salads but don't want your dish to take on the dark colour of traditional balsamic vinegar