Chef Kyle Wyatt talks Portuguese Food, Wine & Shares a Favourite Recipe

Angela Aiello of iYellow Wine Club is spending her summer chatting with some of Toronto's best chefs over a bottle of Aveleda Vinho Verde, a refreshing wine from Portugal that is light enough to pair with some of your favourite summer dishes.  iYellow Wine Club is a Chew Street favourite and we are so happy to share these food and wine conversations with you!

Angela's latest conversation in this series is with up and coming chef Chef Kyle Wyatt of Wenona Lodge and Craft Paper Catering.  Chef Wyatt shares the the local inspiration behind his culinary creations, and his passion for Portuguese food and wine.

Who most inspires your cooking philosophy?
The amazing farmers of Ontario are my main inspiration. We have such amazing local produce and livestock to create with, we really have the farmers who produce such amazing things to thank. Ontario is a place of great diversity in foods and climates and we really need to embrace it!

What is the most challenging thing about being a chef?                                                                                                                                            In all honesty, it’s amazingly hard to have a life outside of the industry and the food. When most people are off we are at work. It’s really hard to watch friends and relatives birthdays, wedding and other special events go by and all you can do is send a card or call because you are at work. 


What do you love most about the Toronto culinary scene?
I love the constant energy of the scene here in Toronto, it’s like young New York, trying to find its niche in the world. It’s all new and fresh, young talented chefs are coming out of the woodwork to celebrate Toronto.

What’s your favourite place to sip on a refreshing glass of white wine??
My favorite place to have a refreshing glass of wine would have to be around a campfire, with god company, great music and amazing bread and cheese. There are few places I would rather be. 

What did you think about Aveleda Vinho Verde?
I absolutely love all their wines. My girlfriend is Portuguese and her family always has a bottle ready for any occasion. I will say it is also a great accompaniment to most seafood which plays a huge part in Portuguese culture!

When you were thinking about a dish to pair with Aveleda Vinho Verde what came to mind?
Immediately my mind gravitates to brie stuffed chicken supreme wrapped in pancetta. The acid and fruit forward flavours cut through the richness of the brie and the saltiness of the pancetta. A nice side would be caramelized cauliflower puree and a light pan jus.

Can you explain your dish and why it pairs with Aveleda?
My dish is honestly an ode to my culinary training and girlfriends father who truly taught me to love seafood. The scallops and pancetta provide the fat and protein, the shaved asparagus the crunch, the dill gives the sharp and the both the pancetta and pimento moida add the salt in. A dish is all about balance, the fresh crisp taste of the Vinho Verde cut through all of this to lend some lightness to the dish.