Easy Popsicle Recipes You'll Drool Over This Summer - Part 3

Summer goes by faster than any of us want.  Make the most of the season with these sweet, easy to make treats that will cool you down in the summer sun.  Chew Street will be sharing our favourite popsicle recipes every week until we have to say goodbye to summer.  This week, an easy, two ingredient recipe using everyone's favourite Monday drink - coffee.

I love condensed milk.  I remember being treated to a small spoonful of it as a kid, when cakes and sweets were being made in the kitchen. In Latin America and the Caribbean, condensed milk is a staple for many traditional desserts, candies and even drinks.  In Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, sweetened condensed milk (along with evaporated milk and heavy cream) is an essential ingredient in tres leches cake. In Brazil, it is combined with cocoa powder to make the fudgelike brigadeiro. Indian cooks make a milk peda candy using sweetened condensed milk, ghee and spices. And halo-halo is a Filipino specialty made with shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk and fruit.  As a fully grown woman who cares about her sugar intake - it's not a staple in my kitchen.  I knew I wanted to make a coffee popsicle though, and I couldn't think of  a better pairing for a frozen cold brew than a topping of this sweet creamy concotion my 7 year old self adored.