Easy Popsicle Recipes You'll Drool Over This Summer - Part 2

Summer goes by faster than any of us want.  Make the most of the season with these sweet, easy to make treats that will cool you down in the summer sun.  Chew Street will be sharing our favourite popsicle recipes every week until we have to say goodbye to summer.  This week, an easy, boozy concoction using the best ingredients from the Caribbean.  Your taste buds will be on a trip to Jamaica.

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Mango Rum Pops (1).jpg

The keys to a good boozy ice pop is your choice of rum and the amount of rum you use.  I'm a huge fan of rum and wish we had more access in this country to the variety flavour profiles available throughout the Caribbean and around the world.  Although all rum has the same base ingredient (sugar cane), the finished product varies widely due to differences in production, location, and barrel ageing.  So rum from Jamaica, Barbados, or Guatemala will all taste different.  I like the boldness of Appleton Estate rum, it blends well with the sweet combination of the mango and pineapple - it has a citrusy "kick" that comes through in the recipe.  

The amount of rum is also important too.  All alcohol has a lower freezing point than non-alcoholic liquid.  Too much booze will result in a slushie, rather than a nice solid ice pop.  Because you are limited to the amount of alcohol you can add, your rum choice is important.  You want a strong flavour profile, so you can taste you are having something boozy - but you don't want an unpleasant alcohol flavour to ruin your fruity ice pop.  Try Appleton or your favourite Caribbean rum in this recipe or your own boozy iced creation!