Cocktail Makeover - Bourbon on Coconut Rocks

Life is all about balance. We like wine and spirits but know they can sabotage even the most flexible diet. Our cocktail makeover series will share healthy cocktail recipes inspired by classic drinks, remixed with ingredients that are good for your body. Next time you open your home bar, treat yourself and your guests to some guilt-free libations.

Traditionally Bourbon on the Rocks is 2oz of your favourite Bourbon on ice. To make this a classic drink healthier, we made ice cubes out of Thirsty Buddha’s classic coconut water. As the coconut water ice cubes slowly melt into the bourbon, they add a subtle sweetness while also helping keep you hydrated!

We know alcohol - a diuretic - dehydrates your body, but this quick hack will help reverse those effects.  Full of electrolytes and potassium, the slow release of coconut water into your drink from the melting coconut ice cubes help counteract dehydration with every sip.