Cocktail Makeover - Coconut Vodka Soda

Life is all about balance. We like wine and spirits but know they can sabotage even the most flexible diet. Our cocktail makeover series will share healthy cocktail recipes inspired by classic drinks, remixed with ingredients that are good for your body. Next time you open your home bar, treat yourself and your guests to some guilt-free libations.

Vodka and soda is the drink of choice for many who are counting calories. We find this cocktail a flavourless drag and think every cocktail should be designed to evoke a sense of celebration while tempting your tastebuds. Inspired to satisfy the desires of the calorie conscious amongst us, we wanted to redesign this dull standard by adding some zesty flavour and excitement.

Using two new products to the Ontario market, we’ve created a ‘Vodka Soda’ alternative that will have you thinking you’re sitting on a deck chair in a five-star tropical paradise.

Pouring one ounce of the world’s first pure milk vodka (made entirely from the milk of English grass-grazed cows), over a glass filled with ice is the first step...did you want us to take a step back and tell you more about this vodka? It is intriguing and when we were first introduced to it, we had a lot of questions, too!

The idea for Black Cow Vodka came straight from the mind of a Dorset County dairy farmer. Rather than wasting the whey he separated from the curds when making his cheddar cheese (which is phenomenal, and currently only available in Canada at the St Lawrence market), he fermented it into a beer. He then distilled the beer, triple filtered it, and turned it into the smoothest vodka you will ever encounter.

Now, with an ounce of this smooth and well-rounded vodka in your glass, top up with the brand new Sparkling Pineapple Coconut Water from Canada’s own, Thirsty Buddha.  Thirsty Buddha released three flavoured sparkling coconut waters (pineapple, watermelon and coconut), they’ve taken their classic low sodium, low sugar, preservative-free coconut waters and added a perfect amount of pop and fizz.  

We know alcohol - a diuretic - dehydrates your body, but using coconut water instead of soda water will help reverse those effects.  Full of electrolytes and potassium the sparkling coconut water will help counteract dehydration with every sip. It will also have you thinking you have been whisked away to a tropical paradise due to the pineapple coconut water.


Megan is a lifestyle, food, beauty & travel writer.  Her passion for travel has taken her to 36 countries and she now calls Toronto home.  Follow Megan at @immfab