Cocktail Makeover - Moscow Mule

Life is all about balance. We like wine and spirits but know they can sabotage even the most flexible diet. Our cocktail makeover series will share healthy cocktail recipes inspired by classic drinks, remixed with ingredients that are good for your body. Next time you open your home bar, treat yourself and your guests to some guilt-free libations.

The Moscow Mule turned 75 in 2016 and is consistently one of the most searched recipes on Google.  What's not to love about the combination of ginger beer, vodka, lime.   My healthier Moscow Mule inspired cocktail swaps out high sugar ginger beer for ginger kombucha.  This naturally effervescent tea based drink has been around since 200 BC and there are claims about it's health benefits that vary from liver detoxification to immunity boosting.  My liver doesn't feel any different but but I do know that kombucha is a great substitute for soda as it's not made with sugar, and because it's fermented you get the fizz of ginger beer without the chemicals.

Also, it tastes amazing.