Cocktail Makeover - Healthier 7&7 Cocktail & Mocktail

Life is all about balance. We like wine and spirits but know they can sabotage even the most flexible diet. Our cocktail makeover series will share healthy cocktail recipes inspired by classic drinks, remixed with ingredients that are good for your body. Next time you open your home bar, treat yourself and your guests to some guilt-free libations.

Traditionally, a ‘7 & 7’ highball is created by adding  6oz of 7Up to 1oz of Seagrams 7.

We swapped high-calorie and sugar-rich 7Up for SodaStream, adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and the zest of a lime. SodaStream is a staple in our mixology playbook - taking regular tap water and making it fizz with a simple touch of a button. We love the SodaStream Power and their new Fizzi machines as they are sleek, cost-saving and don’t take up too much space on the counter.

Our whisky of choice for this cocktail makeover was  Stalk and Barrel , Ontario's first micro-distillery. 

This award-winning, hand-made, small batch whisky is a great choice if you prefer an authentic whisky expression using Canadian grains.  Taking a break from whisky?  We've developped a '7 & 7' mocktail that you can enjoy during your alcohol free happy hour.