Cocktail Makeover - Gin & Tonic Cocktail & Herbal Mocktail

Life is all about balance. We like wine and spirits but know they can sabotage even the most flexible diet. Our cocktail makeover series will share healthy cocktail recipes inspired by classic drinks, remixed with ingredients that are good for your body. Next time you open your home bar, treat yourself and your guests to some guilt-free libations.

This healthier twist on a classic cocktail swaps out calorie and sugar-rich tonic water, replacing it with calorie-free SodaStream water. 

Using our new SodaStream Fizzi machine, we create fresh, fizzy water to add to our current favourite, the Canadian premium dry Ungava Gin.  We love the freshness and smoothness of this gin and it’s yellow colour is also unique.

Our mocktail version gets creative with simple syrup, a staple ingredient for any mixologist. We love gin because, at its simplest, it is a spirit flavoured with botanicals. We took some of the herbs and botanicals that are used in gin and infused them in a simple syrup that's a perfect addition to mocktails.

Megan is a lifestyle, food, beauty & travel writer.  Her passion for travel has taken her to 36 countries and she now calls Toronto home.  Follow Megan at @immfab