Foodie Gift Guide - Moonshine Mama's Elixirs + Tonics

If you've been following our Cocktail Makeover series, you know I love to play mixologist. I also love cocktails made with ingredients that help reduce the guilt factor :-)

Moonshine Mamas is a Canadian company that was started after a health crisis led the creators to discover the healing properties of turmeric. Made with ingredients like turmeric, ginger root, freshly squeezed lemons and honey you will feel good drinking this in a cocktail, mocktail or any other creative concotion you can come up with. Each of the four flavours - Turmeric Elixir, Turmeric Lime, and Sour Cherry Elixir and Winter Warrior - will find a special place in the bar cart of your favourite foodie.


I chose the Moonshine Mama's Sour Cherry Elixir for my holiday cocktail  I combined 1 ounce each of the elixir and gin with a spritz of lemon - all shaken over ice.  In the mood to go alcohol free?  Replace the vodka with sparkling water and you're all set.  Moonshine Mamas has more creative recipes on their site.


Want this for yourself or your favourite foodie?  Head to Moonshine Mamas to find your local retailer.  

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