Foodie Gift Guide - Windswept Orchard Cider

Grey County is Ontario's Apple Country. The geographic combination of the Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment create perfect conditions for growing, juicy, crisp and flavourful apples.

This region has the largest concentrated area of apple growers so it's no surprise that some of the best apple cider comes from there.


Cider has evolved from a sweet and fizzy drink.  Today's ciders are complex, hoppy, and dry.  I like Windswept Cider because it's local, organic, and not mass produced. You can absolutely taste the difference.

Windswept is produced in small batches once a year.  Each batch reflects that year's harvest.  Like wine, it comes in single varietals - like Northern Spy and Golden Russett - and  harvest blends.


Windswept is doing their part for the ecosystem and the environment.  Did you know that there used to be several hundred varieties of apples?    That number has dwindled to just over a dozen.  The growers at Windswept are planting wild seedling trees that are descendants of these forgotten varieties. This planting preserves the region's biodiversity while saving abandonned orchards. 

Keep some on hand for your home bar - I'm going to be adding it to my champagne and sparkling wine selection.  It's also a great stocking stuffer for your favourite foodie.  Get your bottles here.

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