Guava Galette

When I was a kid, guava cheese was my favourite thing to eat. This sweet, fudge like candy has no cheese in it. Known as Perad in India, it is a combination of guava and sugar, molded into a rectangular slab that you cut into cubes or slices. Whenever anyone went to the West Indies, my siblings and I were asked what treat we wanted brought back home. Then, and even, now, that sweet guava candy is my only choice.

For this recipe I wanted to use they base for my childhood guilty pleasure in a different way. I love the sugary sweet version but there is nothing like fresh guava. It has a naturally sweet taste but what I really love about it is the scent. The floral, citrusy scent is enough to scent my whole kitchen when I have a bowl sitting out on the counter. I combined my old favourite, guava, with blood oranges and grapes for this galette recipe. I used TenderFlake pre-rolled puff pastry but if you have the time and inclination to make your own puff pastry, I like this simple recipe from Gordon Ramsay.

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