Pão de Queijo (Cheese) Biscuits

It's only Friday and I'm already thinking about Sunday breakfast. When it comes to my weekends, Sunday is the most precious day. That's my day to relax, enjoy long brunches, and recharge my batteries in advance of the Monday hustle. This recipe is my take on a traditional Brazilian cheese bread.


There's a long history behind this simple dish.  Cassava was widely consumed by the Portugese during their colonization of Brazil in the 18th century.  Enslaved blacks were given the residue of ground and dried cassava, as it was considered inedible.  The starchy residue was rolled into balls and baked.  At the end of the next century, when Afro-Brazilian peoples gained access to a wider variety of foods, cheese and milk was added to the recipe to become the popular treat sold in groceries and streetside vendors today.  Enjoy my version this Sunday over brunch.