Recipes You Need to Know - Mortimer's Dilemma Cocktail

Kim Spence is the National Beverage Director for Moxie’s Grill & Bar. I met Kim at the James Beard Foundation dinner tasting preview and knew I needed to share his cocktail recipe with you.

Kim is a Sommelier, an accredited beer judge and studied at the Swedish Vodka Academy. He has worked all over the world, learning about the production of wine, scotch, beer, vodka and whiskey...and it shows in this thoughtful and eclectic cocktail created especially for this year’s James Beard Foundation dinner in New York.

Inspired by a Prohibition-era cocktail, ingredients in this cocktail will transport you into the speakeasies of the time. When sipping, imagine you are listening to jazz, sitting next to James Cagney and Jean Harlow;)

mortimers dilema.png
final mortimers dilema (1).png

Kim Spence.

Kim Spence.

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