The Rise of Rosé - Three Wines You Need to Try

Once known as a ‘gateway wine’, rosé has rapidly transformed its unsophisticated reputation blossoming into an accessibly chic leader in global wine production.
My first taste of wine was an on-sale, sticky sweet white zin; convincing me to take it to a house party over my standard bottled cooler.  Early 00s rosé was tipping over the edge of the sugar spectrum and I loved it for that.

Then I didn’t buy it for 15 years.  

I passed rosé over opting instead for a ‘sophisticated’ Shiraz or Pinot Grigio; I was flat out embarrassed to be seen drinking it.
But hello 2016 rosé! We welcome the galloping vigour of your triumphant return!
Over the past few years rosé has been on the rise. So popular France’s production of rosé was up 58% in 2015 (7.8 million litres!) and up a dramatic 4,852% from 2001*.

Why is rosé suddenly in such demand?

  • Taste.  Wine makers are focusing more on the quality of rosé.  It really just tastes better - this isn't the sweet, juice-like wine sold in a box.  Award-winning winemakers are making rosé and doing it well.  
  • #roseallday.  This isn't just a hashtag - it's a global brand that's taken social media by storm.  Founders, and friends Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir have shared their love of this pale pink, delightfully crisp wine.  Featured on,;; Manrepeller. Nikki and Erica, have introduced rose to a new generation of wine drinkers. 
  • One word,‘Brosé’.   No longer marketed towards women - men are appreciating the taste of this summer sipper as well.  
  • Price.  Your wallet will thank you.  A good rosé is cheaper to make than a good white or red because the winemaker can bypass the expensive ageing process

Whatever the reason, rosé is here to stay.  We teamed up to tell you about three of our Ontario-grown favourites, including two Ontario Wine Awards winners.

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

Megalomaniac ‘Pink Slip Rosé’
 This wine is a great option for the O.G rosé lovers as it has a sweet start but ends with a crisp finish.  We love this ‘vine to bottle’ winery – tucked into the western edge of Vineland.

Pelee Island Winery ‘Lola Sparkling Rosé
This winner at the Ontario Wine Awards has soft bubbles with hints of strawberry and orange flavours. We are super in love with the gorgeous label; this bottle is totally Instagram-able and will up the chic factor at any brunch, lunch or dinner party.

Henry of Pelham’s ‘Cuvée Catharine Rosé Brut’

This Gold award winner is a family estate wine with the perfect amount of bubbles to complement its soft salmon colour. Our favourite extra dry rosé with an enchanting aroma that will pair nicely with your ladies patio night.

You can officially say so long to the misconception all rosés are sticky sweet and hop on-board the rosé hype train. 


* Data taken from: Vinerepair 

Megan is a lifestyle, food, beauty & travel writer.  Her passion for travel has taken her to 36 countries and she now calls Toronto home.  Follow Megan at @immfab