The Ultimate Fall Grilling Guide

Summer may be over but backyard grilling season is still going. Fall grilling means putting down the icy drinks and BBQ chicken and bringing out the red wine and red meat. Just in time for Thanksgiving we've got the Ultimate Fall Grilling Guide - you're going to want to bookmark this for:

-the best wine to pair with different cuts of beef

-our favourite backyard bar accessories

-the easy marinade that will transform every cut of beef into a savoury and juicy entree


We all know that red wine and red meat pair well together.  But not all reds are the same.  Red wine can be as full bodied and bold as a merlot or a light and subtle as a pinot noir.  Red meat can be as lean as tenderloin or as rich as well marbled as a rib eye.  You want to pick the perfect red to go with your favourite cut fresh off the grill?  Check out our handy chart below:

Beef and Wine Pairing Infographic.png

Fall grilling also means we are ditching our red solo cups and replacing them with beautiful barware that shows off our favourite red wines.  Our fall grilling party wouldn't be complete without the Zwilling Prédicat Crystal Burgundy Grand Wine Glasses and Crystal Decanter.  Made in Germany, the glassware from the Prédicat collection looks delicate but is strong enough for your outdoor dining room as they are resistant to chipping and scratching. We filled our Prédicat decanter with Don David Reserve, a delicious full bodied Argentinian Malbec that went perfectly with our rib eye steaks.

Don David Reserve Malbec.jpg

Now that you're ready to put your favourite cut of beef on the grill, try marinating it in this epicly delicious paprika based marinade.  I've been using this recipe at home for about a month now and I am addicted to it.  The addition of lemon juice helps break down the raw meat, allowing the marinade to infuse the meat with flavour and moisture.   Want to get ready for a weekend fall grilling party ahead of time? Beef is a dense meat that can withstand marinating up to two days in advance.  Trying to throw together a delicious meal at the last minute?  Two hours is enough time for meat to absorb enough flavour from this marinade and you can even use it as a sauce and baste your meat while grilling if you have no time to marinate at all.  

Beef Marinade.png
The Ultimate Beef Marinade