Put Down the Take Out and Try This Unique Toronto Dinner Club

I love dinner parties.  Cozy and intimate - I always walk away feeling full, belly aching from laughter and with a few new friends.  A good dinner party is always the experience I try to create for Chew Street Food Socials so when my friend Yvonne invited to me to try out the U-Feast experience, I was on board.

U-Feast curates truly unique, one of a kind, off menu private dinners at restaurants around the city. Every feast revolves around a culinary theme - anything from Malaysian to Italian - I attended a feast at Thoroughbred Food & Drink celebrating the richness of Southern Cuisine. Each feast involves a multi course menu offered for one night only, only for U-Feast members.  Food lovers will really appreciate the creativity each chef puts into the theme, food, and cocktail or wine pairings. My feast was created by Chef Ariel Coplan and he brought the finger licking Southern style by adding fried chicken skin (!!!) to a refreshing watermelon salad, shrimp with blue corn grits and some tender brisket.

The food was great but a good dinner party isn't just about the food - the U-Feast members are an outgoing, eclectic group of people that love food.  I went on my own, the conversation around the table flowed, and I left with new friends and great memories.

The conversation was flowing at my UFeast dinner,.  Google "Joso's Family Portrait" and you'll understand what went down here.

The conversation was flowing at my UFeast dinner,.  Google "Joso's Family Portrait" and you'll understand what went down here.

No good dinner party is complete without great drinks.  Your U-Feast ticket price includes the wine, beer or cocktails paired with your meal.  My Southern style U-Feast experience included some sweet tea Makers Mark bourbon, peaches and basil.  We also enjoyed some Beau's Lug Tread Ale with to wash down our brisket. 

U-Feast has taken over the city so far, hosting one night experiences at Mata, Raca, Ufficio, Greenwood Smokehouse, Lisa-Marie, Via Vai, Lamesa, Kanpai, India Street Food Company.  U-Feast is absolutely free to join. Once you become a member you'll be the first to know about each U-Feast event, you can pick the one you want, buy your ticket on their secure website and show up for a food time. U-Feast ticket prices include gratuity so it really is a wallet-free evening. Can you picture yourself there? On your own, with a date, or with a group of friends?  Take a look at this video and see...